Sugar Rush

Natural sweetener production company seeking warehouse in the U.S to enhance their market reach. GSLI had the opportunity to speak with the CCO of the company at the IFT 2023 tradeshow in Chicago. They are an international company with plans to extend their global footprint by establishing a distribution warehouse in the U.S, a strategic […]

Federal Forest

Public land management company seeking office building in Montana. This project was identified at Going Global 2023 in Los Angeles. The contact has several projects that the government has tasked him with. They are searching for various types of facilities across the US. For this specific project, the federal agency that manages public land is […]

Hitch Hub

Trailer manufacturing company seeking to relocate outside of CA with a new facility. This project was identified during our outreach to companies we met at FABTECH in 2022, in preparation for this years show. The company manufactures trailers from scratch, tailoring to the requirements of the client (ex. food trucks). Their current operations are in […]


Bottled water company seeking new production facility in Texas. The company is seeking a 15,000-20,000 sqft manufacturing facility. They are open to both lease or purchase opportunities. The facility will be used to fill glass bottles of water and label. They fill and ship several hundred thousand bottles a month. At the facility, they will […]

Life Saver

Medical device and healthcare company seeking a site in the Far West or Rocky Mountain region of the U.S for a new office facility. The company is looking to establish a multi-functional office facility in the U.S that will be used for sales and marketing, service, and R&D. They are looking for an existing building […]


Industrial Machinery Manufacturing company seeking a site in the Southwest or Southeast region of the U.S for a new facility. The company is seeking a location in the Southeast or Southwest region of the U.S for a new manufacturing/warehouse facility. The facility will be roughly 15,000 sq ft. They are open to both greenfield sites […]


Safety systems manufacturing company seeking an existing building in the Southwest for new warehouse/distribution facility. This is a lead that GSLI identified at the MODEX trade show. The company is seeking an existing 10-20K SQFT building for a new warehouse/distribution facility. Both for sale and for lease options will be considered at this point. They […]

Corporate Dolly

We met the company at the MODEX supply chain and logistics show in Atlanta, GA. The company connected with GSLI’s Project Director, Brooke Edwards, after seeing her post on LinkedIn. Brooke was able to have a sit down conversation with the project lead in the company’s booth at the show. The international company is seeking […]

Premium Pieces

Furniture manufacturing company seeking a site in the southern part of the U.S for a new production facility. This is an active research project. This project has been identified and qualified by GSLI’s qualification standards. Though the company is conducting site selection on their own, our goal is to present new opportunities and create awareness […]

Mounting Methods

Advanced Manufacturing company conducting a more targeted search for a new facility. This lead was identified by GSLI at the FABTECH 2022 trade show in Atlanta. GSLI spoke with the Chief Strategy Officer for the company and he shared their developing expansion plans. The company is looking for around 10,000-15,000 sq ft of space to […]