Aero Ambition

Advanced Aerospace & Defense company seeking larger existing building for an assembly, testing, and production facility. The company is searching for an existing 150,000 – 200,000 sq ft industrial, flex, or warehouse that is sub dividable. For sale only. The facility will be used for assembly and testing of actuation systems, power electronics, wound copper […]

Southwest Strudel

Bakery products company seeking large facility in the Southwest region. This project was qualified at IFT 2023 in Chicago. The company is a leading supplier of bakery products. Currently, they operate from a leased building, and the lease’s extended duration allows for a longer project submission deadline. This provides ample time to craft a detailed […]

3D Print

3D Printing company seeking a site in the U.S for new manufacturing facility. At the facility, they will be producing 3D industrial printers to enable the rapid mass production of solid-state traction batteries. The 3D printing Platform is able to produce SS batteries with double the capacity of traditional cells, all while cutting material consumption […]

Recycle Reach

Electronic waste recycling company seeking existing building in the Southeast. The company is currently searching for a location in the southeastern U.S. for a new recycling plant that will feature a large shredding and separation system. They need an existing building around 100k-150k sqft. The project will create 75 jobs by year 1 and potentially […]


eCommerce Fulfillment & Logistics company seeking a warehouse building in key markets of the US. The company has plans to expand and grow its operations by adding 2 more warehouse facilities in the US. Each individual facility will need to be 150,000 sq ft, but they are willing to explore buildings slightly larger if its […]

Beyond Nature

International Nanotechnology Research company seeking a site in the U.S for a new manufacturing facility. The company is looking to establish a research and manufacturing facility in the next 6 months. They hope to begin operations in Q1 of 2023. Currently, they have a facility in the Far West region of the U.S, so they […]


Biotechnology company seeking sites in the U.S to establish a new manufacturing facility. This is an active research project. This project has been identified and qualified by GSLI’s qualification standards. Though the company is conducting site selection on their own, our goal is to present new opportunities and create awareness for locations not in the […]

US Rail

Rail car parts manufacturing company eyeing greenfield or brownfield expansion in the Midwest. The company is looking to purchase greenfield land to construct a 150,000 sq ft facility. They are open to a brownfield investment as well. They are currently interested in the Midwest region of the US. Within the facility, they will need around […]

Eat & Go

Restaurant supplies manufacturer and distributer seeks new warehouse location The company’s Illinois facility lease is coming up in February 2022 so they’re looking to learn more about good locations for distribution and warehousing. They would like to move out of Illinois and consolidate two facilities into one location. The company needs to reduce its total […]