Growing Graphite

Graphite and carbon based product manufacturer seeking large scale existing building in the U.S. The company is searching for an existing 200,000-250,000 sqft building. Their facility needs to house large amounts of graphite which they flatbed truck into the facility. Each piece is the size of a car and they import it from China, so […]

Supply Stretch

3PL company seeking new large scale facility in the U.S. Company Overview: Company that provides various supply chain solutions. Due to the companies rapid growth over the past 6 months, they are searching for multiple facilities across the US. They are looking for an existing building around 250,000-400,000 sq ft. Historically, they have focused on […]

First Class Build

Aerospace company seeking greenfield land in Alabama or surrounding States for a new assembly plant. This is an active research project. This project has been identified and qualified by GSLI’s qualification standards. Though the company is conducting site selection on its own, our goal is to present new opportunities and create awareness for locations not […]


Solar product producer searches the Midwest, Southwest and Far West regions for new glass manufacturing facility location. The company is looking to build a 200,000-250,000 sq ft facility once site selection is determined. They will need 150-200 skilled and unskilled employees (60-70% unskilled) . The company wants to narrow down the geographic scope of search […]

IT Tech

Computer Hardware Manufacturing company seeking existing building in the Southwest, Southeast, or Midwest. The company is seeking an existing building around 250,000 sq ft to purchase. They are not interested in leasing a building because of the reconstruction that may have to happen in order for the facility to fit their needs. They will create […]

Open Road

Motor vehicle manufacturing company seeking facility in the Southeast region. This lead was identified at the FABTECH 2022 trade show in Atlanta. We had the opportunity to speak with the VP on Operations about their current need for expansion. The company is looking for a 200,000-300,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. The facility will be used […]

Big Builders

Construction company seeking greenfield land in the Southeast to construct a new manufacturing facility. This lead was identified by GSLI at the FABTECH 2022 tradeshow in Atlanta. The VP of fabrication mentioned that he is looking for 20 acres of greenfield land to build a 200,000 sq ft industrial manufacturing facility. He expects to employ […]

Texas Toy

Toy manufacturing company seeking large distribution center in Texas. The company is seeking a 200,000-250,000 sqft building in Texas. Will only consider existing buildings at this time. The facility will be used for warehouse/distribution and create about the 60 jobs. They plan to hire 50-55 employees for warehouse positions which will be hourly pay, and […]


Company seeking available greenfield land in the Southeast region of the US to develop a new cold storage facility. Looking in the Southeast region of the US, but open to other options as they build their target location list. Initial interest in Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama. Seeking around 7 acres of land (includes parking […]

Pack USA Reborn

Large packaging manufacturer looking for its next facility to serve U.S contract packaging needs. Company is needing a new facility for both the manufacturing and the distribution of products. They are seeking options in Texas only. They can either expand into 1 large 300,000 sq ft building or two 150,000 sq ft buildings within close […]