Critical Copper

Advanced technology company seeking greenfield or brownfield land to establish 2 facilities near a mining company. This company has plans to establish a new facility in the United States, encompassing 100,000 square feet of space. This facility will be strategically divided to accommodate a copper heap occupying 50,000 square feet and a demonstration plant occupying […]

Safe Shot

Firearm safety company seeking existing building in the Southwest region for a new manufacturing & distribution facility. The company is hoping to increase it’s manufacturing and distribution in various U.S regions through establishing a new facility in the Southwest. This will be their second facility in the US. They are searching for a ~75,000 sqft […]

Building Bellows

Industrial Engineering company searching for 2 locations along the east coast for new manufacturing facilities. Due to client demand, this company is in the early planning phases for 2 manufacturing facilities on the East Coast. The company provides high tech solutions for bellows components and assemblies. The products are used for clients in aerospace, commercial, […]

Window Work

Window system manufacturer seeking greenfield or brownfield expansion in the Midwest region.Window system manufacturer seeking greenfield or brownfield expansion in the Midwest region. The company is seeking to establish a 60,000 sq ft. manufacturing facility in the Midwest region. The facility will be used for assembling transportation window systems, storing key materials like aluminum and […]

Auto Art

Manufacturer looking to establish new facility in the Southeast with brownfield or greenfield project. The company aims to set up a new manufacturing plant in the Southeast, closer to its textile industry suppliers and customers, in response to a significant shift in its customer base over the past 10-20 years. The facility, either brownfield or […]


Esports company seeking greenfield land in the US to construct new stadium. The company is planning to construct esport stadiums across the US and has a goal of opening multiple stadiums a year for the next 8 years. They are not interested in existing buildings, only greenfield land. Though specific requirements may change for each […]

Feed and Fertilizers

International company seeking greenfield land in the U.S to construct a new feed ingredients plant. The company is seeking 10 acres of greenfield land in the U.S to construct a 100,000 sq ft feed ingredients plant. They are in the first stages of the site selection process, so they are considering all States in the […]

Food Pack

Packaging and Containers manufacturing company seeking new facility in the Southwest, Southeast, or Far West region. The company is expanding its US foot print and has plans to build a new manufacturing facility that’s bigger than its current one in the Great Lakes region. They are searching in the Southwest, Southeast, or Far West region. […]

Electric Fleet

Logistics provider seeking warehouse in the Northeast region of the US. The company is embarking on its US expansion and has plans to eventually establish a warehouse for storage shipping and fulfillment in every major US city. They first want to establish a warehouse in the Northeast region and will need a 60,000 sqft facility. […]

Air Repair

Aircraft maintenance and manufacturing company seeking sites in the U.S for a new MRO facility. This is an active research project. This project has been identified and qualified by GSLI’s qualification standards. Though the company is conducting site selection on their own, our goal is to present new opportunities and create awareness for locations not […]