Let There Be Light

Electrical & Electronic company seeking a site in the Southwest / Southeastern region of the US for new manufacturing campus. The company is seeking either a 600,000-800,000 sq ft building (can be multiple facilities in one location that add up 600,000-800,000 sq ft) OR 45-50 acres of available greenfield land to construct the new campus […]

USA Build

Manufacturing company seeking greenfield land for large facility. The company is planning to construct an oriented strand board mill at an unselected site in the US. They had selected a site for the project but decided to cancel due to delays that jeopardize their ability to meet product demand deadlines. Now they are back on […]

Developing Data

Information Technology & Services company seeking sites in US for a new data center. -A Data Center houses core computing services and infrastructure. -Looking across the US for available land to purchase in order to continue expanding its data centers/data campus footprint. -Seeking 30-40 acres of shovel ready land. -Will create 50 jobs, employees will […]

Straw Hat (Landed)

Revolutionary company seeking first North American site for first mill-based value-added centre. plant will support 300 construction jobs during the building phase, another 300 jobs during start up, and 500 jobs in value-added. Have a follow up call with VP on 10/23 to discuss further project specs. **Update 11/23** Company is busy completing phase 1 […]

Built Strong

International steel manufacturing conglomerate seeks facility location in Texas to produce rebar PRELIMINARY PROJECT NOTES • The parent company has been around for 20+ years, and they have a long-standing reputation for manufacturing a wide portfolio of steel products. They have numerous steel mills across Asia and Africa. • The company will hire approximately 315 […]

Snazzy Kitchen

internationally recognized furniture maker looking to expand to U.S. with a cabinet manufacturing plant **Update 7/22/20** – Company located to Concord, NC. To view information on the announcement, click here: https://businessfacilities.com/2020/07/goldenhome-cabinetry-maker-investing-86m-new-headquarters/ Manufacturer to use the North American location as a headquarters, a manufacturing and distribution center and a development, design and training facility. The Company’s […]

All Boxed Up

A leading independent manufacturer of corrugated packaging and Point of Purchase displays is looking in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex for their new corrugated box manufacturing facility. **Update 7/7/2020** Project adjusted existing building needs from 350,000-450,000 sq ft, minimum of 250,000 sq ft to 500-600,000 sq ft, minimum of 450,000 sq ft **Originally qualified 2019-12-10. […]


EV automaker seeking a greenfield site in Michigan for their new manufacturing facility. This is an active research project. This project has been identified and qualified by GSLI’s qualification standards. Though the company is conducting site selection on their own, our goal is to present new opportunities and create awareness for locations not in the […]

Big Dipper

Leading manufacturer of separators for lead-acid batteries is looking for 50-100 acres for a new manufacturing facility to expand their supply chain. The Choose-Texas site location project team is assisting Project Big Dipper, a leading manufacturer of separators for lead-acid batteries with the site location for a new manufacturing facility in Texas. The company has […]

Big Chem

Globally known chemical company looking for future options for large factory in US. Looking to CONSTRUCT a roughly 3,000,000 sq ft facility on 160 acres. Will create 1,100 jobs. Salary for factory employees ranges from $15-$17 an hour. Facility will produce pouch cell batteries to be used in EVs and energy storage systems. Company is […]