Clean Fuel

Renewable Energy company seeking greenfield land in the Northeast region. This company is in the early phases of the site selection process but wanted to get a head start on the location search due to the anticipated time required for construction. Their initial area of interest is the Northeast region. They are searching for 10 […]

Window Work

Window system manufacturer seeking greenfield or brownfield expansion in the Midwest region.Window system manufacturer seeking greenfield or brownfield expansion in the Midwest region. The company is seeking to establish a 60,000 sq ft. manufacturing facility in the Midwest region. The facility will be used for assembling transportation window systems, storing key materials like aluminum and […]

Sugar Rush

Natural sweetener production company seeking warehouse in the U.S to enhance their market reach. GSLI had the opportunity to speak with the CCO of the company at the IFT 2023 tradeshow in Chicago. They are an international company with plans to extend their global footprint by establishing a distribution warehouse in the U.S, a strategic […]

Biotech Bloom

Biotechnology company seeking existing building in the Southeast region for new specialized facility. The company specializes in the production of enzyme-related products and has experienced significant growth, leading to the need for a larger operational facility They are searching for an existing 25k-50k sqft building. At the facility, they will create 20-50 jobs. The management […]

Electric Future

Industrial battery charger manufacturer searches for new manufacturing location in the Great Lakes Region of the U.S. We met with the company at the MODEX supply chain and logistics show last month and they expressed a need to find a new manufacturing location. The company has expressed a need to be in Ohio or Indiana, […]

Professional Picker

Robot manufacturer seeking a site In the DFW area for a new facility. This project was identified at the MODEX Trade Show. The company would ideally like to find a maximum 10,000 sqft building in the DFW area of Texas. They will be creating 5-10 manufacturing jobs at the facility. They would like to have […]


Company seeking existing building in the Northeast to establish a new compliance testing facility. The company is seeking an existing building and requires 15,000-30,000 sq. ft. of space. They can retrofit the building if needed. They are interested in the Northeast region of the US. They plan to initially hire 8-10 employees with engineering backgrounds […]


California leader in aerospace and defense switches and sensors seeks new Western U.S location Company is looking to be closer to the aerospace markets because of sustainability, costs, and regulations in California. We spoke with the president and he is motivated to find a location within 24 months. He would move sooner if he found […]

Air Fuel

Joint Venture for funding on first gas-to-liquid Plant Company has just completed first successful test of technology and in negotiations with major oil and gas companies. The companies breakthrough, in patented gas-to-liquid system offers a solution to this energy challenge. The company’s design allows for scalable pants to be deployed at geographically dispersed locations to […]