West Coast Ship

Logistics company seeking warehouse on the west coast. The company is in the beginning phases of their planned expansion. They will be needing a 10,000 sq ft existing warehouse building. The size of the building does not have to be exact, but they do want 3 to 4 dock doors. Pricing is their main concern […]

AI Logistics

International automation machinery manufacturing company seeking site on the West Coast for U.S facility. This lead was identified at the Retail Supply chain & Logistics tradeshow in Vegas. The company specializes in developing and manufacturing high-tech logistics and vision systems. They are searching for a facility around ~10,000-15,000 sqft. They are only interested in existing […]

Building Bellows

Industrial Engineering company searching for 2 locations along the east coast for new manufacturing facilities. Due to client demand, this company is in the early planning phases for 2 manufacturing facilities on the East Coast. The company provides high tech solutions for bellows components and assemblies. The products are used for clients in aerospace, commercial, […]

Blizzard Bite

Food & Beverage company seeking new distribution facilities following a significant investment from a capital partnership. The expansion project is fueled by a strategic investment aimed at enlarging the brand’s distribution footprint and enhancing manufacturing capabilities. The initiative is driven by the need to meet growing demand and to penetrate new markets, ensuring the brand’s […]

Grow Greens

Indoor farming company seeking greenfield land in the Northeast region to construct new greenhouse facility. The company is searching for approximately 40 acres of greenfield land to construct a new greenhouse facility. They are interested in the Northeast region of the U.S. The greenhouses will be used for the production of leafy greens. They plan […]


Retail company seeking existing buildings across the U.S near major cities for multi phase expansion project. The retail company has plans to expand with more than 20 new locations in 2024. They are searching for approx. 20,000 sqft existing buildings, ideally ones that were previously used for retail. They expect to hire 30-40 employees at […]

Growing Graphite

Graphite and carbon based product manufacturer seeking large scale existing building in the U.S. The company is searching for an existing 200,000-250,000 sqft building. Their facility needs to house large amounts of graphite which they flatbed truck into the facility. Each piece is the size of a car and they import it from China, so […]

Recycle Waste

Biotechnology Research company searching for greenfield land in the U.S for new fertilizer and biogas production facility. The company’s near-term strategy involves the development of a new facility in North America. The facility will be used to convert animal waste into fertilizers and biogas. This interest represents a strategic pivot from their initial choice in […]

East Engine

Aviation company seeking facility in the Northeast region for Turbine Engine maintenance. The company is undergoing huge changes to stabilize its presence in the market and is interested in expanding into the Northeastern region of the US. The company is looking for an existing building around 20,000 sq. ft-30,000 sqft. They are open to brownfield […]

Auto Art

Manufacturer looking to establish new facility in the Southeast with brownfield or greenfield project. The company aims to set up a new manufacturing plant in the Southeast, closer to its textile industry suppliers and customers, in response to a significant shift in its customer base over the past 10-20 years. The facility, either brownfield or […]