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Press Release

January 3rd, 2023
08:00 AM

Global Site Location Industries, GSLI, Welcomes Maddison County, MS As An ELITE City

Global Site Location Industries (GSLI), a leading site selection and economic development consulting firm, are pleased to announce its partnership with Madison County (MS) Economic Development Authority. Located in the Jackson, Mississippi, MSA, Madison County flourishes in the region due to its central location and robust logistics infrastructure with access to major interstates, rail lines, ports, and an international airport, making the region an ideal location for businesses in the manufacturing and logistics sectors. Access to workforce talent, healthcare, a strong education system, pro-business climate, low real estate and energy costs, and quality of life make Madison County one of Mississippi’s fastest-growing counties with an annual population growth nearly twice the national average. 

I worked with GSLI in previous communities. We had great success promoting the communities using GSLI’s connections and outreach programs,” said Larkin Simpson, Executive Director of Madison County Economic Development Authority. “We are hoping to increase our outreach to C-level executives and decision makers who may not be familiar with our community. I look forward to the outreach and feedback from companies and executives about our community and their future home for business!” 

GSLI’s Elite and Lighthouse ED360 marketing programs will help Madison County increase their pipeline of qualified expansion projects and augment their business recruitment strategies through targeted outreach to industries of interest. GSLI will focus its efforts on targeted expansion projects and developing relationships with key decision-makers through aggressive outreach on Madison County’s behalf.  

Madison County, MS, is home to the MS@55 Mega Site, a 1,025 acre site that offers advanced infrastructure and access to a skilled and experienced workforce. The Mega Site is a shovel ready site with full water, sewer, gas, fiber, and electricity utilities – including a 60-megawatt, expandable to 300-megawatt triple redundant substation on site. Additional information can be found at   

“Madison County is the heart of the South,” said Eric Kleinsorge, CEO, and Chairman of GSLI. “Anyone who has spent any time in Jackson, Mississippi, knows that you can get anywhere from this great county. We’re looking forward to bringing new attention to an area that’s simply an easy choice for any expanding or relocating company. We know from previous experience, they are in great hands with Mr. Simpson.” 

Global Site Location Industries, GSLI, Welcomes Maddison County, MS As An ELITE City

About Madison County

Located in Mississippi’s largest MSA, Madison County is the second fastest growing county in the state, with a 14.6% population growth over the past 10 years. Madison County has a diverse yet complementary group of communities, from the historic City of Canton to the rapidly growing lifestyle and residential areas of Ridgeland, Madison, and Gluckstadt, to Livingston and Flora with their refreshing reinvention of what an old-fashioned town can be.  Each area has its own identity and appeal, but all with a dedication to quality. 
Global Site Location Industries, GSLI, Welcomes Maddison County, MS As An ELITE City

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Global Site Location Industries, LLC (formerly known as the World Economic Development Alliance) is a site location firm founded in 1994. GSLI has helped over 1,200 companies identify economic development professionals that could assist them with their site location decisions. We have over 75 site location expert offices nationwide. We use the Project Qualification Team to conduct our initial interviews with companies to identify the viability of a project. The balance of our staff is customer service, project managers, production, web designers, and finance. 

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