Thanks for joining our new GSLI Jam Sessions! This is an opportunity for our Elite Cities and Texas Elite members and their staff to join us for tips and tricks on effectively using the Project Portal and get updates on active projects.

It’s your time to ask about anything and everything that will help you maximize your services with us.

In this session we will discuss where to find your community profile, the importance of completing it, and a way to help gather the information required. We will also touch base on our upcoming trade show, Going Global London and we will spotlight our Lighthouse AI 360 and how it can help you with business retention, attraction, or even appointment setting.

We will also feature a great new project lead, Project Renew Route. Project Renew Route is a recycling facility looking for 400,000 sqft of existing building or Brownfield space about 60-80 miles outside of a metropolitan area in the southeast or southwest. This project will create about 150 jobs and is looking to find a location in the next 6 to 12 months.

Qualified Projects You Can Trust!
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