Thanks for joining our GSLI Jam Sessions! This is an opportunity for our Elite Cities and Texas Elite members and their staff to join us for tips and tricks on products to assist your economic development endeavors, effectively use the Project Portal, and get updates on active projects. It’s your time to ask about anything and everything that will help you maximize your services with us.

In this session, we will review the portal feature called the GSLI Polling System. We will show you where to find it in the portal and explain how it works.

Next, we will discuss our newest opportunity to save on marketing and lead generation services. We have created a new GSLI Growth Grant that will supply communities with FREE money for several marketing and lead generation services offered by GSLI.

Lastly, we will feature a great new project lead, Project Extended Stay. This project is a hospitality company looking to expand throughout the USA. They are going to be utilizing a combination of new builds and rehabbing existing older hotels. Building size and job creation will be dependent on the size of the spaces they find. Their facilities can be up to 300,000 sqft and employ between 100-300 people or smaller boutique facilities that require a fraction of the space. Open to leasing or purchasing depending on the potential long-term growth. This project is open to a national search with a focus on major urban centers, business districts, or vacation destinations.

Qualified Projects You Can Trust!
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