Thanks for joining our GSLI Jam Sessions! This is an opportunity for our Elite Cities and Texas Elite members and their staff to join us for tips and tricks on products to assist your economic development endeavors, effectively use the Project Portal, and get updates on active projects.

It’s your time to ask about anything and everything that will help you maximize your services with us.

In this session, we will do a teaching AI session on utilizing the internet to discover target industries in your area and how to create the perfect prompts to assist you.

Next, we will discuss some takeaways from our latest trade shows. How many leads were discovered, valuable contacts made, and direct connections interested in a Prospect Live Event.

Lastly, we will feature a great new project lead from our recent trade show, Project Canadian Crossing. This project is a food service company looking to expand from Canada to the US. They are looking to expand into the East, West, and Southwest with flexibility. They are currently interested in existing buildings for sale from 20,000 to 50,000 sqft. This project will create 10-25 jobs per location. This project will be added to the portal soon for submissions.

Qualified Projects You Can Trust!
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