Advanced Asphalt

Clean technology and recycling company searching for greenfield land in the Mid-Atlantic region in order to establish an asphalt shingle reprocessing facility. The company is searching for 3-5 acres to establish an asphalt shingle reprocessing facility. They are not interested in existing buildings at this time. This facility will focus on reprocessing used or defective […]

Cold Goods

Supply chain and storage company seeking existing building or greenfield land for cold storage/distribution facility. This project was identified at the MODEX 2024 trade show. The company is searching for a 25k-50k sqft building in the Far West, Southwest, or East Coast. This space is pivotal for the company’s core operation of cold storage, with […]

Electrified Economy

Metal refinery company with plans to establish a new facility, searching across the U.S for locations near mining companies or scrap metal suppliers. The company is searching for a 20,000-30,000 sq ft manufacturing and refining facility. They would like to find an existing building for lease or purchase. This facility will be utilized for the […]


Beverage company seeking existing building in Texas for a small bottling plant. The company would like to set up a small bottling plant for their alcohol free drinks. They are searching for an existing 10,000 sqft building with office space up to 2,000 square feet, and a dock to move in and out cargo on […]

Safe Shot

Firearm safety company seeking existing building in the Southwest region for a new manufacturing & distribution facility. The company is hoping to increase it’s manufacturing and distribution in various U.S regions through establishing a new facility in the Southwest. This will be their second facility in the US. They are searching for a ~75,000 sqft […]

Building Bellows

Industrial Engineering company searching for 2 locations along the east coast for new manufacturing facilities. Due to client demand, this company is in the early planning phases for 2 manufacturing facilities on the East Coast. The company provides high tech solutions for bellows components and assemblies. The products are used for clients in aerospace, commercial, […]

Digital Kart

Entertainment company seeking existing retail buildings across the US. This lead was identified at the Going Global Miami tradeshow. The company has a goal of 100 facilities in the next 5 years in the US, starting with 3 or 4 in Florida then expanding from there. The facility will blend physical and digital elements to […]

Paddle Quest

Sports & Recreation company expanding rapidly across the United States with indoor court facilities. The company is searching for existing buildings to transform them into large indoor pickleball facilities. The building needs to be around 40k-45k sqft. They have had success finding large unused retail anchor stores and remodeling them. Along with the courts, the […]

Fixed Flight

Aircraft repair company seeking existing building for lease in Texas. The company is looking to lease an existing building that will be used for aircraft parts repair in Texas. The shop area will be 15,000-20,000 sqft. Year one they will employ 8-10 people, year two 10-15, and year three 20+. 10 of those positions will […]

Blizzard Bite

Food & Beverage company seeking new distribution facilities following a significant investment from a capital partnership. The expansion project is fueled by a strategic investment aimed at enlarging the brand’s distribution footprint and enhancing manufacturing capabilities. The initiative is driven by the need to meet growing demand and to penetrate new markets, ensuring the brand’s […]