Bug Based

Biotechnology Research company seeking greenfield land in the U.S for a new vertical farm. The company is looking for around 10-15 acres of greenfield land to construct a vertical farm. They are interested in the Southwest and Southeast region of the U.S and are looking for a rural area within reasonable distance to a populated […]

Innovative Packaging

Globally known packaging & container company actively seeking new sites to expand its manufacturing footprint in the US. Seeking 2 different sites in the US for new manufacturing facilities. Will create 80 new jobs locally during year 1 and up to 250 jobs by year 2 at each facility. **UPDATE 3/8/2021 Will not be all […]


Solar product producer searches the Midwest, Southwest and Far West regions for new glass manufacturing facility location. The company is looking to build a 200,000-250,000 sq ft facility once site selection is determined. They will need 150-200 skilled and unskilled employees (60-70% unskilled) . The company wants to narrow down the geographic scope of search […]

Fast Fulfillment

International logistics company experiencing rapid growth and seeking new site for next facility. Company deals with shipping methods whether by air, ground, or sea. Needs to be near a major highway for trucking needs and if you have a facility with access to rail or close vicinity to *at least* a regional airport, that would […]

Beyond Nature

International Nanotechnology Research company seeking a site in the U.S for a new manufacturing facility. The company is looking to establish a research and manufacturing facility in the next 6 months. They hope to begin operations in Q1 of 2023. Currently, they have a facility in the Far West region of the U.S, so they […]

Cold Storage Development

Company that specializes in developing cold storage facilities seeking land all across US to build large facilities **UPDATE 3/24/21 Company is still interested in seeing land available. If you believe you had land that meets the required parameters please submit** Developer is looking coast to coast for land to build cold storage facilities on. They […]

New Steel

Company seeking sites for future steel processing and equipment facilities in the US. We are prospecting early for the company to provide insight as to available opportunities. Needing a steel processing and equipment facility. 10,000 sq ft for office space, close to major highway, semi skilled workforce, desire to be close to customer base. Company […]


eCommerce Fulfillment & Logistics company seeking a warehouse building in key markets of the US. The company has plans to expand and grow its operations by adding 2 more warehouse facilities in the US. Each individual facility will need to be 150,000 sq ft, but they are willing to explore buildings slightly larger if its […]

Feed and Fertilizers

International company seeking greenfield land in the U.S to construct a new feed ingredients plant. The company is seeking 10 acres of greenfield land in the U.S to construct a 100,000 sq ft feed ingredients plant. They are in the first stages of the site selection process, so they are considering all States in the […]

Champion Driver

Expanding trucking company searches Georgia for their next terminal location. **Submission Deadline: April 2nd at 5 P.M. CST** Champion Driver is a second project branching off of a current GSLI project, Got the Drive. Got the Drive is looking for an Ohio location for a new trucking terminal location. The company is looking for 10+ […]