Coastal Clean

waste plastic recycling company seeking site in the Gulf Coast for new facility. The company is planning to construct a plastics recycling facility at an unselected site on the Gulf Coast of the US. They plan to construct the facility and it will have the capacity to process ~190,000 metric tons of plastic waste per […]

Feed to Farm

Animal feed company seeking a greenfield site in the Midwest for a new manufacturing facility. The company is seeking a site in the Midwest to construct a new 100,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility along with 200 ft. grain storage towers. At the facility, they will be producing feed that will be delivered to farms that […]

Energy Homes (5)

Major Modular Building Company Looking for shovel ready sites throughout the United States. -The company is still searching for sites in the areas of interest. They are interested in finding shovel-ready sites in Nashville TN, Reno NV, and Washington DC. -The factories will be used for the assembly of custom homes and commercial buildings. -They […]

Straw Hat (Landed)

Revolutionary company seeking first North American site for first mill-based value-added centre. plant will support 300 construction jobs during the building phase, another 300 jobs during start up, and 500 jobs in value-added. Have a follow up call with VP on 10/23 to discuss further project specs. **Update 11/23** Company is busy completing phase 1 […]

Big Catch

Sustainable fish company is looking to expand their presence in the United States. Notes directly from the Project: General parameters for our search are the following: 1. Proximity and access to seawater 2. Site allowing for an approx. 40 acre construction of industrial/aquaculture buildings (given zoning and construction limitations the site should probably be larger […]

Great Waste

Environmentally driven company seeking sites for new renewable diesel facilities. -Jobs will include 200 workers/welders during construction. 40 local jobs will be created once operational. -Looking for 40 acres of greenfield land. Company has plans to construct renewable diesel plants across the US. They expressed to me that their key driving force behind their site […]

Meat Eater

A large packaged meat company is searching for a location to manufacture ready to eat meat products. This is a active research project at the moment** Project has been identified but contact has not been established. If you are interested in a submission, please submit your broad overview through the portal and we will introduce […]

Modern Farming

Farming company seeking land to construct high-tech indoor farms in Kentucky and surrounding States. Looking to partner with local universities/high schools to introduce a new form of Agriculture to the younger generation. The average pay for crop care/warehouse specialists is $13 Looking for sites in KY, Northeast TN, Western Virginia, and Northeast NC. Will create […]

Fueling the Flight

Sustainable Aviation Fuel producer seeking sites along the West Coast for new facility. -Planning to construct a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plant at an unselected site. -Interested in the Pacific Region, but open to explore any options/sites in the entire US. They want to identify key landfills throughout the country that produce high levels of […]

Protein Packed

Insect ingredient production company seeking greenfield land in US for new facility. The company plans to establish up to 15 farms worldwide by 2030 and this will be their first facility in the US. They are seeking around 30 acres of greenfield land to construct a protein meal and oil production facility that will be […]