Bug Based

Biotechnology Research company seeking greenfield land in the U.S for a new vertical farm. The company is looking for around 10-15 acres of greenfield land to construct a vertical farm. They are interested in the Southwest and Southeast region of the U.S and are looking for a rural area within reasonable distance to a populated […]


Dietary Supplement manufacturer seeking new site for factory. 10,000 of which needs to be warehouse with 1 loading dock and one large bay door. 10,000 needs to office space with restrooms and break room. The remaining will all be clean rooms with restrooms. Power Requirements 3,000 amps 480 volts 3 phase. **Update 1/26/21** Only looking […]

Protein Packed

Insect ingredient production company seeking greenfield land in US for new facility. The company plans to establish up to 15 farms worldwide by 2030 and this will be their first facility in the US. They are seeking around 30 acres of greenfield land to construct a protein meal and oil production facility that will be […]

Farm to Finished

Biomass solutions company seeking a greenfield site in the U.S to construct a new manufacturing facility. The company is looking for 20-25 acres of greenfield land to construct a new fiber product manufacturing facility. They will create around 150 jobs including skilled operators and maintenance positions, and the target salary is $17-$20/ hr. They are […]


Biotechnology company seeking sites in the U.S to establish a new manufacturing facility. This is an active research project. This project has been identified and qualified by GSLI’s qualification standards. Though the company is conducting site selection on their own, our goal is to present new opportunities and create awareness for locations not in the […]