Global Gas

Industrial gas company seeking greenfield site for new Air separation unit plant. Seeking a site in Central Texas. Will create 20-25 jobs. 60 – 80 temporary local jobs will be created during the construction phase of the project. The plant will produce medical and industrial gases for several industries. An air separation plant separates atmospheric […]


Chemical Plant company searches for facilities to install a maleic anhydride plant. Also, construct a greenfield phthalic anhydride plant at an unselected site or integrate into an existing facility. **UPDATE 3/18/21 Company has decided to construct this plant at an existing facility of theirs.** This is a active research project Identified on July 17th* Project […]

Harnessing Hydrogen

Industry-leading chemical company seeking greenfield sites across the U.S for new hydrogen hubs. The company is seeking 40 different sites across the US where they can place their H2-1000 units along with the Compression, Storage, and Dispensing equipment, and all support accessories such as generators, site control panel, safety and alarm systems, etc. Each location […]


R&D Company seeking land in the Western region of the U.S for a new pilot plant / facility. The company is planning to build a pilot plant (2 – 5t/day ~ 2000T of cement per year). They are working on building a new process to make cement without CO2 emissions but for clarification, the pilot […]

Sustainable Scents

International company seeking greenfield land in the US to construct a new production facility. The company is seeking around 4 acres of greenfield land to construct a new production facility. The facility will be used for the creation, development and production of fragrances. At the facility, they will be creating 35-40 high-paying jobs that include […]

Big Chem

Globally known chemical company looking for future options for large factory in US. Looking to CONSTRUCT a roughly 3,000,000 sq ft facility on 160 acres. Will create 1,100 jobs. Salary for factory employees ranges from $15-$17 an hour. Facility will produce pouch cell batteries to be used in EVs and energy storage systems. Company is […]