Supply Stretch

3PL company seeking new large scale facility in the U.S. Company Overview: Company that provides various supply chain solutions. Due to the companies rapid growth over the past 6 months, they are searching for multiple facilities across the US. They are looking for an existing building around 250,000-400,000 sq ft. Historically, they have focused on […]

Electric Fleet

Logistics provider seeking warehouse in the Northeast region of the US. The company is embarking on its US expansion and has plans to eventually establish a warehouse for storage shipping and fulfillment in every major US city. They first want to establish a warehouse in the Northeast region and will need a 60,000 sqft facility. […]

Fast Fulfillment

International logistics company experiencing rapid growth and seeking new site for next facility. Company deals with shipping methods whether by air, ground, or sea. Needs to be near a major highway for trucking needs and if you have a facility with access to rail or close vicinity to *at least* a regional airport, that would […]

Wagon Wheel

Farm to table delivery service company seeking multiple sites for distribution facilities. Looking for a facility around 1900-3000 sq ft (not to exceed $1500-$2000 gross rent per month) – This can tick up slightly if the location is right for them. -Looking for an open warehouse with the drive-in door. If it has a drive-in […]

New Steel

Company seeking sites for future steel processing and equipment facilities in the US. We are prospecting early for the company to provide insight as to available opportunities. Needing a steel processing and equipment facility. 10,000 sq ft for office space, close to major highway, semi skilled workforce, desire to be close to customer base. Company […]

Pot of Cold

Cold Storage company seeking multiple sites in US. **Update 3/25/21** – A GSLI community was able to connect with the company after receiving their contact information. The company stated that even though they are no longer using GSLI for site selection assistance, they put the project site selection on hold until they develop an additional […]

A+ Appliances

Luxury household appliances company searching for site for new distribution facility. **Submission Deadline: January 7th 5 PM CST** Looking for a building to renovate- anywhere from 100,000 sq ft to 600,000 sq ft. Hires around 75 local employees at each location. Loading docks are most important. Wants to be close to major highways. Company provides […]

Hold Still

Professional mount solutions provider needs a new warehouse location in California We connected with the company’s VP of Sales and Marketing while walking the MODEX supply chain and logistics show in March. He expressed a need to be in the Southern California area because of a customer base located in the lower part of the […]

Low Temp Logistics

Leader in temperature-controlled supply chain and logistics seeking sites for new cold storage facility. -Company is rapidly expanding across the US and conducting research to see where the best opportunities lay for new facilities. -expected average annual pay of full time employees- $61,000, plus benefits -Facility’s parking needs to be truck, trailer and container friendly, […]