Electronics manufacturing company seeking existing R&D building in the Northeast region. The company is seeking an existing 30,000-40,000 sqft building for lease in the Northeast region. The building will mainly be used for research and development, and partially for manufacturing various components & systems for telecommunication and Radar systems. The project will create 20 jobs […]

Electric Future

Industrial battery charger manufacturer searches for new manufacturing location in the Great Lakes Region of the U.S. We met with the company at the MODEX supply chain and logistics show last month and they expressed a need to find a new manufacturing location. The company has expressed a need to be in Ohio or Indiana, […]

Quick Charge

Manufacturer of charging systems for electrical vehicles seeking site for new manufacturing facility. -Company is finalizing project specs and will share with GSLI once complete. -Been in active conversation with the operations manager who told us that the HQ has pinpointed their desired location to Texas. They are open to surrounding states if there is […]

Let There Be Light

Electrical & Electronic company seeking a site in the Southwest / Southeastern region of the US for new manufacturing campus. The company is seeking either a 600,000-800,000 sq ft building (can be multiple facilities in one location that add up 600,000-800,000 sq ft) OR 45-50 acres of available greenfield land to construct the new campus […]

Efficient Electronics

Electronics manufacturer seeking greenfield land in the US for a new facility. The company has multiple facilities in various countries across the globe and now wants to expand its footprint into the US. They are open to reviewing opportunities across the U.S and have no specific regions/states in mind at this point. The company is […]