Get Amped

Leading transparent solar producer looking within California for a glass manufacturing plant. **This is a active research project at the moment** Project has been identified and conversation has been started with the CEO of the company. The CEO mentioned that site selection was supposed to take place Q3 2020, but because of COVID, they are […]


Company looking to develop and construct a solar power plant on .25-acre site in CA, NV, or AZ Project is looking to build plant at unselected site in NV, CA, or AZ. Company will also seek a contractual maintenance agreement for 10 years. Plant will have the capacity to generate 5 mega watts of electric […]

Air Fuel

Joint Venture for funding on first gas-to-liquid Plant Company has just completed first successful test of technology and in negotiations with major oil and gas companies. The companies breakthrough, in patented gas-to-liquid system offers a solution to this energy challenge. The company’s design allows for scalable pants to be deployed at geographically dispersed locations to […]

Energy Revolution

Energy company seeking a large greenfield site to construct a R&D facility and Commercialization Center. The company is looking for around 400 acres of greenfield land (for sale, not interested in lease options) where they will construct a new fusion energy facility and business ecosystem. The facility will be used for research and development purposes […]

Battery Power

Lithium battery company seeking facility in the U.S for a new warehouse. 3 Phase Project. The project specs for this project have changed. We are now focused on finding a site for a Lithium-ion Cell Manufacturing Facility. The existing building needs to be around 430,000 sq ft. Employee needs: The MP Line field operator staff: […]


Energy company seeking greenfield land to construct a new wood pellet plant. The company is looking for greenfield land to construct a new wood pellet plant. They need around 300 acres of land to construct the plant and for storage/parking/trucks etc. The new plant will have the capacity to produce 1.1 million metric tons per […]

Green Energy

Renewable Energy company seeking 20 Acres of Land in Texas or Florida for a new manufacturing facility. The Hydrogen energy company aims to buy 20 acres in either Florida or Texas for a 300,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. At the facility, they will create 300 jobs. The facility will be used for the production, distribution, and storage […]


Project is for an energy company looking to decommission an older plant and build a new natural gas fired power plant. Construction is expected to be a massive, multi-year project that will involve electrical, tanks, pipes and millions of dollars in cons… Project is specifically looking in and near Citrus County, Florida. They require 100 […]