Green Build

Building materials company seeking greenfield land in the Midwest for new prefinishing facility. The company is seeking 75-80 acres of greenfield land in the Midwest region to construct a new prefinishing facility. They will be purchasing the land. A prefinishing facility is where building materials, such as siding or trim, are finished before they are […]

USA Build

Manufacturing company seeking greenfield land for large facility. The company is planning to construct an oriented strand board mill at an unselected site in the US. They had selected a site for the project but decided to cancel due to delays that jeopardize their ability to meet product demand deadlines. Now they are back on […]

Save the Trees

Building materials manufacturer seeking a manufacturing facility in the Southwest region. The company is seeking a manufacturing facility in the Southwest region to Lease. The facility will require around 70,000 sq. ft. At the facility, they will be manufacturing advanced green building materials. The products are created using water, heat, fiber and pressure. They divert […]

Woven & Welden

Wire partition product manufacturer seeking a site in the Southwest region for a new warehousing/manufacturing facility. This lead was identified at the FABTECH 2022 trade show in Atlanta. The quality manager stopped by the GSLI booth and mentioned he needs help finding a warehouse/manufacturing facility in the Southwest region. His current facility in the Far […]

On the Move

We are assisting the company with the location of a manufacturing facility for the production and distribution of movable wall systems. GSLI’s Choose-Texas program generated the lead from a Texas business attraction marketing email. Preliminary project specifications and a request for information are included below. The company wants to tour facilities in the next 2 […]