Renew Route

Recycling company searching in the Southeast or Southwest for large scale facility. The company is interested in expanding to areas that are within 60-80 miles of metropolitan areas. The size of the facility would be approximately 400,000 sqft. The facility’s proximity to metropolitan areas ensures a steady supply of recyclable materials and access to necessary […]


Solar product producer searches the Midwest, Southwest and Far West regions for new glass manufacturing facility location. The company is looking to build a 200,000-250,000 sq ft facility once site selection is determined. They will need 150-200 skilled and unskilled employees (60-70% unskilled) . The company wants to narrow down the geographic scope of search […]

Clean & Reuse

Recycling company seeking site in West Texas for a new warehousing/distribution facility. This project was identified at the MODEX Trade Show in Atlanta, GA. The company is seeking a 18-22K sqft building in West Texas for their new warehouse/distribution facility. Open to both Lease and Own options at this time. At the facility, they will […]