Champion Driver

Expanding trucking company searches Georgia for their next terminal location. **Submission Deadline: April 2nd at 5 P.M. CST** Champion Driver is a second project branching off of a current GSLI project, Got the Drive. Got the Drive is looking for an Ohio location for a new trucking terminal location. The company is looking for 10+ […]


Family owned logistics and transportation company seeks location in the Midwest for distribution. **Update 2/12/21** – GSLI shared submission packets with the project but the contact has been unresponsive to follow up inquiries from GSLI. If you are interested in reaching out to the project for personal outreach, please contact Brooke Edwards at for […]

Deliver Extraordinary

A leading logistics provider offering supply chain and logistics solutions is looking for a Texas location for their next facility warehouse and distribution facility **Update 1/14/21** Project has been unresponsive to requests for updates on the project. He has expressed a paused project since the original qualification date but no new updates have been provided […]

Long Haul

Trucking company seeking sites for future distribution facilities in North America. Company is looking for future options to expand its number of facilities in the US. They are looking all over the US for sites in strategic areas, they also mentioned they are very interested in Texas. The decision to move into an area comes […]