USA Build

Manufacturing company seeking greenfield land for large facility. The company is planning to construct an oriented strand board mill at an unselected site in the US. They had selected a site for the project but decided to cancel due to delays that jeopardize their ability to meet product demand deadlines. Now they are back on […]

Open Road

Motor vehicle manufacturing company seeking facility in the Southeast region. This lead was identified at the FABTECH 2022 trade show in Atlanta. We had the opportunity to speak with the VP on Operations about their current need for expansion. The company is looking for a 200,000-300,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. The facility will be used […]

Dry Off

International bath products and home textile exporter looks for first U.S. manufacturing location. GSLI’s Project Director, Brooke Edwards, spoke with the company’s long time business partner after we received a contact us form submission via our corporate website, The company is a family run organization, so the partner helps advise the CEO and other […]

Coastal Clean

waste plastic recycling company seeking site in the Gulf Coast for new facility. The company is planning to construct a plastics recycling facility at an unselected site on the Gulf Coast of the US. They plan to construct the facility and it will have the capacity to process ~190,000 metric tons of plastic waste per […]


International electric boat manufacturer seeking a site in the U.S to establish a new manufacturing facility. The company wants to establish a sustainable and modern boat manufacturing facility on the East Coast. The facility will have significantly lower industrial emissions and include more automation and robotization. Looking for either a 150,000 sq ft existing building […]

Cannabis Cultivation

Medicinal marijuana provider is considering the construction of a growing and processing facility. This project has been identified and qualified by GSLI’s qualification standards. Though the company is conducting site selection on their own, our goal is to present new opportunities and create awareness for locations not in the original scope of consideration. If you […]

Energy Homes (5)

Major Modular Building Company Looking for shovel ready sites throughout the United States. -The company is still searching for sites in the areas of interest. They are interested in finding shovel-ready sites in Nashville TN, Reno NV, and Washington DC. -The factories will be used for the assembly of custom homes and commercial buildings. -They […]

Bug Based

Biotechnology Research company seeking greenfield land in the U.S for a new vertical farm. The company is looking for around 10-15 acres of greenfield land to construct a vertical farm. They are interested in the Southwest and Southeast region of the U.S and are looking for a rural area within reasonable distance to a populated […]

Fresh Fish

Cell-cultured seafood company seeking greenfield land in the Western regions of the US to construct new seafood plant. The company is seeking around 15-20 acres of greenfield land in the Western regions of the US to construct a new 140,000 sqft seafood plant. The facility will have the capability to produce up to 6 million […]

Pack USA Reborn

Large packaging manufacturer looking for its next facility to serve U.S contract packaging needs. Company is needing a new facility for both the manufacturing and the distribution of products. They are seeking options in Texas only. They can either expand into 1 large 300,000 sq ft building or two 150,000 sq ft buildings within close […]