Treehouse 2

Treehouse construction company seeking existing building In the Midwest for new manufacturing facility. This is the second expansion for the company since 2021. They expanded in the Far West region and now they are searching for a facility in the Midwest. The company is seeking an existing building around 20,000 sq ft. They prefer to […]


Electronics manufacturing company seeking existing R&D building in the Northeast region. The company is seeking an existing 30,000-40,000 sqft building for lease in the Northeast region. The building will mainly be used for research and development, and partially for manufacturing various components & systems for telecommunication and Radar systems. The project will create 20 jobs […]

Utility Steel

Utility structure manufacturer is considering domestic expansion plans **Update 7/21/20** – GSLI has been unable to re-establish communication with the project since qualification. If you are interested in receiving the contact information for personal outreach, please contact with your request. Thank you. The contact qualified the project at a trade show with a GSLI […]

Feed to Farm

Animal feed company seeking a greenfield site in the Midwest for a new manufacturing facility. The company is seeking a site in the Midwest to construct a new 100,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility along with 200 ft. grain storage towers. At the facility, they will be producing feed that will be delivered to farms that […]

Fast Furniture

Furniture and Home Furnishings Manufacturing company seeking site in the Southwest or Southeast region for a new facility. The company is seeking a site in the Southwest or Southeast region of the US for a new manufacturing facility. The facility will be around 25,000 sq ft and they are open to either a build to […]

Life Saver

Medical device and healthcare company seeking a site in the Far West or Rocky Mountain region of the U.S for a new office facility. The company is looking to establish a multi-functional office facility in the U.S that will be used for sales and marketing, service, and R&D. They are looking for an existing building […]

Better Bots

Medical Equipment Manufacturing company seeking office space in Southeast or Southwest region. The company is planning to expand in the US with a new headquarters as soon as it obtains regulatory approval by FDA. This will be their first US sales office. They will need around 10,000 sqft of office space and would like to […]

Canadian Tanks

Tank and decorative metals manufacturer located in Canada looking to expand into the U.S. market. They were looking at a site in Chicago during the Fabtech show, but are still open to opportunity. along the canadian border or pheonix area. Also open to other options


California leader in aerospace and defense switches and sensors seeks new Western U.S location Company is looking to be closer to the aerospace markets because of sustainability, costs, and regulations in California. We spoke with the president and he is motivated to find a location within 24 months. He would move sooner if he found […]

Expanding Exhibitry

Custom exhibitry manufacturer seeking an existing building in the Southeast region to establish a new facility. Open to exploring opportunities in other regions. This lead was identified by GSLI at the FABTECH 2022 show in Atlanta. The company is seeking an existing building around 25,000-50,000 sqft for a new manufacturing facility. The facility will be […]