Company seeking existing building in the Northeast to establish a new compliance testing facility. The company is seeking an existing building and requires 15,000-30,000 sq. ft. of space. They can retrofit the building if needed. They are interested in the Northeast region of the US. They plan to initially hire 8-10 employees with engineering backgrounds […]

Professional Picker

Robot manufacturer seeking a site In the DFW area for a new facility. This project was identified at the MODEX Trade Show. The company would ideally like to find a maximum 10,000 sqft building in the DFW area of Texas. They will be creating 5-10 manufacturing jobs at the facility. They would like to have […]

Race To Recycle

Plastics company seeking a brownfield site in California for a new recycling facility. The company is looking to try and capitalize on some of the credits they can get for re-developing a brownfield site in CALIFORNIA. The facility will be primarily for transforming plastic waste into pellets. The existing building should be at least 20,000 […]

Wagon Wheel

Farm to table delivery service company seeking multiple sites for distribution facilities. Looking for a facility around 1900-3000 sq ft (not to exceed $1500-$2000 gross rent per month) – This can tick up slightly if the location is right for them. -Looking for an open warehouse with the drive-in door. If it has a drive-in […]

Many Metals

Packaging and Containers Manufacturer seeking a distribution/warehouse facility in the Southwest or Midwest region. The company has plans to open a warehouse/distribution facility after an increase in demand has caused them to out grow their current 2 US facilities. They are seeking an existing building around 25,000 – 50,000 sq. ft. to LEASE. They plan […]

Battery Power

Lithium battery company seeking facility in the U.S for a new warehouse. 3 Phase Project. The project specs for this project have changed. We are now focused on finding a site for a Lithium-ion Cell Manufacturing Facility. The existing building needs to be around 430,000 sq ft. Employee needs: The MP Line field operator staff: […]

Filming Florida

Filming company looking in Florida for land to construct a new sound stage. – A sound stage is a soundproof, hangar-like structure, building, or room, used for the production of theatrical film-making and television productions. -Looking to CONSTRUCT a new sound stage for film/video. -They are looking for available land not an existing building. -They […]


R&D Company seeking land in the Western region of the U.S for a new pilot plant / facility. The company is planning to build a pilot plant (2 – 5t/day ~ 2000T of cement per year). They are working on building a new process to make cement without CO2 emissions but for clarification, the pilot […]

Testing in Progress

Project testing in progress **Update 3/3/20** – The company has been opening our emails and responding to phone calls, but they have not progressed with site selection. If you are interested in receiving the contact information for your own outreach, please contact for more information . The company reached out after receiving Choose-Texas email […]

Blue HQ

Worldwide company seeks alternative location for their headquarters. This is an excellent opportunity for a community to land a Global Headquarters with very little effort. Our Chairman, Eric Kleinsorge, spoke with the CFO for a little over an hour regarding their desire to find an alternative location for their headquarters. The currently have 25 people […]