Big Catch

Sustainable fish company is looking to expand their presence in the United States.
New Jobs
Not Specified
Land Required
25 to 100 Acres
Building Size
Dependent on location
Landed in:
Jonesport, Maine
Project Overview
Notes directly from the Project: General parameters for our search are the following: 1. Proximity and access to seawater 2. Site allowing for an approx. 40 acre construction of industrial/aquaculture buildings (given zoning and construction limitations the site should probably be larger but should allow for a 40 acre building footprint) 3. Access to robust energy grid 4. Supportive local and state regulation for the permitting of a large scale aquaculture operation utilizing seawater We operate on the cutting edge of sustainable best practices- meaning we filter the seawater coming into our fish tanks, but as importantly clean the outgoing water prior to discharge. We have to date advanced in permitting our site in New England, working closely with DEP, DMR and Army Core and have confirmed our activity meets state and federal environmental protection requirements.
States of Interest
Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington
Regions of Interest
Not Specified
Special Requirements
No Special Requirements Specified
Qualification Date:
15 Jul 2020
Decision Time Frame:
1 to 6 Months
Submit Before:
Not Specified
Initial RFI Submission:
Not Specified
Company Overview:
Not Overview Specified For This Company


Current Number
of Employees


Years In
Industry Served
Food & Beverage
Investment Capital
Not Identified

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