Cannabis Cultivation

Medicinal marijuana provider is considering the construction of a growing and processing facility.
New Jobs
100 to 200
Land Required
15 to 25 Acres
Building Size
100,000 to 200,000 SF
Landed in:
Maryland and Illinois
Project Overview
This project has been identified and qualified by GSLI’s qualification standards. Though the company is conducting site selection on their own, our goal is to present new opportunities and create awareness for locations not in the original scope of consideration. If you are interested in a submission, please submit based on what information we have and we will attempt to introduce your area to the project for 2-3 weeks after the submission deadline has passed. If we do not hear back from the project 2-3 weeks after the submission deadline, we will release the contact information for your own personal outreach. Seeking a community with a robust adult use market as well as a Medical Cannabis Program where a large amount of patients are enrolled. Need room for 8 or more individual flower rooms that typically measure about 30 ft across and 50-100 ft long. HVAC systems need to have redundancy, backup power, be cleanable outside plant rooms, and be easy to repair. Typical power needed at this size growing/processing facility: – Lights 1600 kW – AC/Dehumidifier 770 kW – Electric Heat 100 kW – Recirculation Fans 200 kW – Exhaust Fans 50 kW – Miscellaneous 200 kW
States of Interest
Regions of Interest
Great Lakes
Special Requirements
Licensing and permitting available for plant cultivation and commercial kitchen where edibles will be manufactured.
Qualification Date:
15 Apr 2021
Decision Time Frame:
6 to 12 Months
Submit Before:
May 13, 2021 05:00 PM
Initial RFI Submission:
May 13, 2021 05:00 PM
Company Overview:
The company focuses on high quality products, enhanced patient wellness and consumer safety. Looking to establish a vertically integrated business model, with strict quality controls on its own growing operations, product manufacturing, and sales outlets.


Current Number
of Employees


Years In
Industry Served
Investment Capital
Uncertain at this time.

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