Champion Driver

Expanding trucking company searches Georgia for their next terminal location.
New Jobs
50 to 100
Land Required
10 to 15 Acres
Building Size
Dependent on location
Landed in:
Fairburn, GA
Project Overview
**Submission Deadline: April 2nd at 5 P.M. CST** Champion Driver is a second project branching off of a current GSLI project, Got the Drive. Got the Drive is looking for an Ohio location for a new trucking terminal location. The company is looking for 10+ acres of development-ready land for a new terminal location. The facility will be used for logistics warehousing and the company will be employing 100-150 employees, including drivers, by year 3. Annual salary breakdown can be found below: -Floor workers- $45K-$60K -Office staff $34K-$50K -Drivers $50K-$99K -Leadership $75K-$150K Job growth: includes drivers, year 1: 50, Year 2: 50-100, year 3: 100-150 The company will want to buy the greenfield land so they can construct a 13,000 sq ft facility on the property.
States of Interest
Regions of Interest
Special Requirements
The company is interested in locating within a 25-mile radius of Austell, GA. We will accept additional facility locations within a 50-mile radius. They are unable to consider locations outside of the 50-mile radius on this project.
Qualification Date:
08 Mar 2021
Decision Time Frame:
1 to 6 Months
Submit Before:
March 26, 2021 05:00 PM
Initial RFI Submission:
March 26, 2021 05:00 PM
Company Overview:
An illinois-based trucking company is expanding its market coverage into Georgia. The company is a large van truckload carrier that delivers expedited services regionally and domestically across the U.S.


Current Number
of Employees


Years In
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