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Major Modular Building Company Looking for shovel ready sites throughout the United States.
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Asked on: December 13, 2022
– Answered on: December 13, 2022
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Asked on: August 17, 2022
– Answered on: August 18, 2022
When will the prospect begin visiting other sites on the remaining projects?
The project has been busy with site visits. They are on their third plant and aggressively working on their next one. Several communities have flown them in to ensure they have feet on the ground and see the benefits of their individual communities. These are usually focussed around the cities they are focussed on launching at that time. There will be several plants opened each year. Site visits are continuous. If interested we can help facilitate the actual site visit.
Asked on: August 17, 2022
– Answered on: August 17, 2022
If there are additional projects to land, should a community re-submit?
We are assisting them with over 40 new plants. We are now releasing the projects as individual projects based on location-specific parameters. Each one will have detailed notes of their desired location for that particular plant. It will help them keep submissions organized based on each plant. Keep in mind they will indicate a city, but the search region is preferable a 4-hour drive and up to an 8-hour drive to that city. I would focus your submission on the Project Alert that falls within your specific area. Let us know if we can help. Thanks!

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