Hiking (Landed)

***This project is already working with the Governor’s office, so it’s likely this has come through state channels.***
New Jobs
10 to 20
Land Required
5 to 10 Acres
Building Size
50,000 to 100,000 SF
Landed in:
Mona, Utah
Project Overview
Project is planning to construct a new, outdoor industry products manufacturing, distribution and headquarters facility at an unselected site in Utah, possibly in the Salt Lake City area. The project scope includes design and construction of an estimated 60,000 square foot building; and purchase and installation of an air compressor system, conveyors and hot and cold forging, machining, laser cutting, bending, anodizing, assembly, inspection, testing and packaging equipment and systems, and loading dock equipment. Some equipment could be relocated from the company’s current location in Salt Lake City. A construction schedule will be developed following site selection. The company’s subsidiary, will use the facility to manufacture and distribute equipment and apparel for climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, skiing and other outdoor activities.
States of Interest
Regions of Interest
Not Specified
Special Requirements
No Special Requirements Specified
Qualification Date:
23 May 2018
Decision Time Frame:
6 to 12 Months
Submit Before:
Not Specified
Initial RFI Submission:
Not Specified
Company Overview:
Not Overview Specified For This Company


Current Number
of Employees


Years In
Industry Served
Investment Capital
$135 million

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