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Project searches for new North American location for their next fish farm.
New Jobs
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Land Required
Not Specified
Building Size
Not Specified
Landed in:
Pioneer, Ohio
Project Overview
**UPDATE 3/22 Have not heard back from the project since last outreach but we have reached out to the contact in order to secure an update. ** Company has been searching for a site since January 2020, but we were just made aware of the project on June 18th 2020. A site has not been identified yet, but we’ve been trying to talk with their team since then. States of interest include: Texas, Utah, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina and Arkansas. **This is a active research project at the moment** Project has been identified but contact has not been established. If you are interested in a submission, please submit your broad overview through the portal and we will introduce your area to the project contacts over a 2 week period. We will compile submitted sites to put in front of contacts on record. If we do not hear back from the project 2 weeks after your submission, we will release the contact information to you for your own personal use.
States of Interest
Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia
Regions of Interest
Not Specified
Special Requirements
No Special Requirements Specified
Qualification Date:
27 Jul 2020
Decision Time Frame:
1 to 6 Months
Submit Before:
Not Specified
Initial RFI Submission:
Not Specified
Company Overview:
Sustainable land based fish farmer is looking for a location to address global food crisis and to be a scalable source of fish raised closer to consumers.

50 – 99

Current Number
of Employees


Years In
Industry Served
Not Specified
Investment Capital
$75-100 Million

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