A rapidly growing party supply manufacturing company is seeking a new location in the Austin, Texas, area. 40 – 50 new jobs
New Jobs
20 to 50
Land Required
1 to 5 Acres
Building Size
50,000 to 100,000 SF
Landed in:
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Project Overview
**Update 8/1/2018** – The project moved corporate, administrative and design functions to Fort Wayne, IL. The company kept manufacturing and distribution operations in South Whitley, Il We have been asked to supply a mid-West party supply company with possibilities in the Austin area, first. From there, they are expected to consider the rest of Texas, as well as Raleigh-Durham. They are requesting about 100,000 sq ft, and will create 40 jobs initially, with another 10-20 in second year. The company does light manufacturing, as well as creative and tech work. They make party supplies and decorations for proms and dances.
States of Interest
North Carolina, Texas
Regions of Interest
Not Specified
Special Requirements
Please submit intial contact information and invite them to visit. Any incentives to visit with airfare and housing would be helpful. They are interested in Austin now, but they will open it up if they can’t find a great location. They are leaving a small town that can’t supply them with enough employees, so that is something should be addressed in your proposal.
Qualification Date:
20 Mar 2018
Decision Time Frame:
1 to 6 Months
Submit Before:
Not Specified
Initial RFI Submission:
Not Specified
Company Overview:
Light manufacturing company that creates party products is seeking to leave Indiana and move to the Austin area of Texas.

100 – 249

Current Number
of Employees


Years In
Industry Served
Investment Capital
Not Identified

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