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Manufacturer of charging systems for electrical vehicles seeking site for new manufacturing facility.
New Jobs
100 to 200
Land Required
5 to 10 Acres
Building Size
100,000 to 200,000 SF
Landed in:
Arlington, Texas
Project Overview
-Company is finalizing project specs and will share with GSLI once complete. -Been in active conversation with the operations manager who told us that the HQ has pinpointed their desired location to Texas. They are open to surrounding states if there is a good opportunity, but want to be centrally located in order to reach east and west coast customers. -The company expressed that ideally it’d be best if there was an existing building already available to lease, so they "wouldn’t have to build something from scratch." -The number of jobs being created is still being determined but we will have this information shortly. -Tipping points for a community would be- Having close proximity to a supply chain such as plastic injection, PCBa supplier or EV gun. Cost of Direct Labor: availability of technical, industrial and Direct labour contracting and medium unemployment rate.
States of Interest
Regions of Interest
Not Specified
Special Requirements
-Needs to be within 30 minutes of an international airport due to the HQ being overseas. Executives of the company will be traveling between the HQ and the new facility, so easy access to air travel is a must. -Easy access to highways. -Want to be operational by July if possible. Looking to decide on a site in 2-3 months. -Looking for a building around 113, 365.5 sq ft (with 20 ft ceiling) 4 dock doors (x2 dock doors with space of 210 ft between). -Their energy consumption is calculated in two phases. Phase 1 2022 – 2027, Phase 2 – 2030 Phase 1: The estimated usage 50-75 KW/h x Assembly lines. Phase 1 will begin with x3 assembly lines. Total usage of 150-225 KW/h. Phase 2: Increased usage with additional assembly line for phase 2. 50-75-KW/h and x4 assembly lines. Total usage of 200KW/h – 300KW/ – breakdown and time frame that the raw materials and finished goods inventory will be in the facility: Stock Incoming material: 15 days- 30 days WIP material: 1 day FGoods: 15 days
Qualification Date:
20 Apr 2021
Decision Time Frame:
1 to 6 Months
Submit Before:
June 29, 2021 05:00 PM
Initial RFI Submission:
June 29, 2021 05:00 PM
Company Overview:
Company designs, manufactures and distributes innovative charging systems to support sustainable transport. Aim is to accelerate the change into a more sustainable way of transportation by providing a comprehensive and effective solution for the charging issues among electric vehicles. They are focused on helping the Electric Vehicle industry by attempting to make electric and plug in hybrid cars a more attractive alternative to traditional cars.


Current Number
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