Treehouse 2

Treehouse construction company seeking existing building In the Midwest for new manufacturing facility. This is the second expansion for the company since 2021. They expanded in the Far West region and now they are searching for a facility in the Midwest. The company is seeking an existing building around 20,000 sq ft. They prefer to […]

USA Build

Manufacturing company seeking greenfield land for large facility. The company is planning to construct an oriented strand board mill at an unselected site in the US. They had selected a site for the project but decided to cancel due to delays that jeopardize their ability to meet product demand deadlines. Now they are back on […]

Engineering The Future

Canadian Research & Development technology company seeking sites in the U.S for 3 new facilities. The company is looking to establish a headquarters, R+D and manufacturing facility, and a retail/wholesale facility. At the facility, they will be manufacturing Two-Stroke and Single-Stroke engines. The company is also working on using the engines in finished products like […]

Utility Steel

Utility structure manufacturer is considering domestic expansion plans **Update 7/21/20** – GSLI has been unable to re-establish communication with the project since qualification. If you are interested in receiving the contact information for personal outreach, please contact with your request. Thank you. The contact qualified the project at a trade show with a GSLI […]

Feed to Farm

Animal feed company seeking a greenfield site in the Midwest for a new manufacturing facility. The company is seeking a site in the Midwest to construct a new 100,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility along with 200 ft. grain storage towers. At the facility, they will be producing feed that will be delivered to farms that […]

Energy Homes (5)

Major Modular Building Company Looking for shovel ready sites throughout the United States. -The company is still searching for sites in the areas of interest. They are interested in finding shovel-ready sites in Nashville TN, Reno NV, and Washington DC. -The factories will be used for the assembly of custom homes and commercial buildings. -They […]

Straw Hat (Landed)

Revolutionary company seeking first North American site for first mill-based value-added centre. plant will support 300 construction jobs during the building phase, another 300 jobs during start up, and 500 jobs in value-added. Have a follow up call with VP on 10/23 to discuss further project specs. **Update 11/23** Company is busy completing phase 1 […]

Solar Storage

Renewables & Environment Company seeking an existing building in the Midwest for a new warehouse. The company is seeking an existing building around 10,000 sq ft to establish a new warehouse for solar panels. Initial interest in the Midwest region of the U.S. -LEASE ONLY. They will be creating 20 jobs by year 1. The […]

Expanding Exhibitry

Custom exhibitry manufacturer seeking an existing building in the Southeast region to establish a new facility. Open to exploring opportunities in other regions. This lead was identified by GSLI at the FABTECH 2022 show in Atlanta. The company is seeking an existing building around 25,000-50,000 sqft for a new manufacturing facility. The facility will be […]


Americas leading cannabis brand rapidly expanding across US, looking for sites coast to coast. Interested in build to suit, lease to own. Focused on finding locations where licensing will not be an issue/ too time consuming. **Update 11/17/2020** Sent agreement to CEO to secure site selection service and incentive negotiations. Once we receive the signed […]