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Stop searching and start working 100% qualified projects with GSLI's Prospect Marketing Program tailored to the needs of Economic Developers.

Elevate your business attraction efforts to the next level and increase your project pipeline within minutes! If you’re tired of chasing new business, you’ve come to the right place. 

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Want to learn why joining the GSLI ELITE Cities Prospect Generation Network? This video will take you through the what, why, how and next steps of taking your business attraction efforts to the next level. Why not stop searching and start working qualified projects you can trust today?

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"Elite Cities"Alliance Benefits

Joining Our ELITE Cities Network Has Its Advantages

Becoming a part of our exclusive GSLI ELITE Cities Network is an opportunity to work with all of our projects. Being an ELITE City is the industry’s #1 way to leverage your marketing dollars and stop searching and start working qualified projects immediately.

Unlimited Project Submissions

With unlimited submissions included in membership, you can submit on as few or as many projects as you see fit. Some members submit on over 40 exclusive GSLI projects a year!

Exclusivity For
Every State​

We only allow an exclusive number of communities from your state to be a part of the GSLI Community Network. This ensures maximum exposure for you!

Dedicated Submission Coach

We've got your back the entire time! As a member, you work exclusively with a coach through the duration of your membership. Your coach can help you tailor your submission, refine your message, or restructure your proposal for maximum impact.

Priority Submissions
& Attention

As a GSLI recognized area expert, your submissions are always recommended to projects for review. We present your proposal and let the company reach out if they're interested!

Special Discount

Need website development, case study videos or marketing materials? As an Elite Cities member, you receive a 30% discount on any of our services!

Master Series​

Our service is not only focused on lead generation. We believe in providing educational content aimed at helping you enhance your economic development efforts. Our educational workshops will give you the tools and information needed to take your business attraction efforts to the next level!

Understand Our Mission

We Put Communities In Front of Projects That Create Jobs. PERIOD!

Who we are

GSLI is a multi-faceted service provider to both economic development professionals and expanding companies.

What we do

We do one thing and we do it very well – we connect expanding companies with area professionals and new site opportunities. 

Why we do it

We are in the business of job creation and economic growth, just like you! 


GSLI’s Prospect Generation Program delivers 100% qualified project leads to your community. We  leverage your marketing dollars to maximize your success! Consider us as an extension of your staff – identifying, qualifying and helping you submit on qualified leads. 

New Projects
New Jobs
From Projects​
$ 0 B
Capital Investment
1 M
Square Feet of
Building Space

Frequently Asked Questions

Global Site Location Industries, or GSLI, is a full service economic development consulting firm. No other company can offer you the experience and depth of economic development business attraction needs that GSLI can.

No. That is what makes GSLI unique. We do not charge the projects anything, ever. That means that the company will not pay GSLI a retainer and is never charged a consulting fee, unless specifically contracted for incentive negotiations services. All of GSLI’s financial support comes from community member investments.

No, and we wouldn’t trust anyone who guarantees that to you! No one can guarantee that a company will expand or relocate to your area. GSLI guarantees doing  everything possible to get a company to land in your area. Period.

Our team can be your right hand man! Consider us as an extension of your needs – our team is here to support your efforts! 

We are not! Our Prospect Marketing Program is an Alliance of communities around the nation joining forces in identifying and working projects. Instead of paying for expensive adverting and timely qualification, the participating Alliance Cities “leapfrog” the need for advertising and the headaches of project qualification. For one low investment, communities are putting their area on the radar with growing companies! 

One Incredibly Low Investment

6-Month Starter Plan

Try it out!
$ 4950
  • Unlimited Project Submissions
  • Exclusivity Guarantee
  • Dedicated Submission Coach
  • Priority Submissions
  • Educational Master Series
  • Special Discount Pricing
  • $1,400 Savings

12-Month Plan

Our Most Used Program!
$ 8500
  • Unlimited Project Submissions
  • Exclusivity Guarantee
  • Dedicated Submission Coach
  • Priority Submissions
  • Educational Master Series
  • Special Discount Pricing
  • $1,400 Savings
15% off

Have a 15-minute strategy session with us!

We love working with communities ready to talk with our projects. All of our projects trust the communities in our GSLI Elite Cities network.

We’d love to get to know your community! Schedule a strategy session to better understand our projects and the ways we support your business attraction needs.  We only work with an exclusive few communities in your state, so it helps us to learn more about your area’s assets and benefits for growing companies. Schedule a convenient time to chat with us!

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